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Household appliances are like gifts from God because they make our lives easier, more organized, and simpler. So, it is a catastrophe when your household appliances suddenly stop working or start malfunctioning. The hardest and most tiring part if having that amazing dishwasher or any other household appliance is that moment when they start developing faults or when they get broken.

Several household types of equipment make your life easier, the microwave, the dryer, and even the oven. When these little appliances stop working for no reason, you can get really frustrated.

But, no need to go crazy or feel too bad when you notice your dishwasher is leaking water on the floor and flooding your kitchen with soapy water; or you walk towards your refrigerator to get your favorite cold drink and you suddenly realize your beverage isn’t cold and the refrigerator isn’t working anymore.

Everyday appliance repair company which is in Glendale that can make your appliance as good as new call 818-541-9706.

Before you contact an appliance repair company, you must know the processes involved in getting the right company for the job so you don’t end up calling a repairer that will further jeopardize your home appliances. But if you’re an inquisitive mind but you don’t possess the technical skill needed to repair your home appliances repair service in Glendale, CA. you should have asked yourself the question, “how do these repair companies fix household equipment?”

Here, Everyday appliance repair company will be telling you the processes involved in fixing household appliances and how we do it.

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How we fix your refrigerators

Refrigerators are arguably the most important home appliance. The importance of having a refrigerator cannot be overemphasized; this is the only household appliance you’ll find in every home, that’s how unavoidable it is, that’s why it’s very frustrating if your refrigerator gets broken. How do we as a home appliance repair company go about repairing refrigerator issues since there are a lot of symptoms?

We will be telling you how we go about diagnosing and repairing the symptoms or issues with refrigerators.
When you suddenly discover puddles of water under your refrigerator and in your kitchen, you should know the water supply line that services the water dispenser or ice maker is broken. This means your fridge won’t have the ability to freeze liquid and it would condensate, or the ice in it will melt and form puddles of water under the refrigerator.

To repair this refrigerator problem, as an appliance repair company in Glendale, we will do these three things:

  • Firstly

    First, we will have to check out the water supply line to see how broken it is and how it can be fixed. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser and an icemaker like all modern refrigerators do, we will bring those out and look for leaks either at the inlet valve. If there is one there, the repairman will tighten the compression nuts to stop the leak. If it is the plastic or copper tube that’s got the leak, we’ll most likely repair it because tubing will most likely be connected to the saddle valve and the inlet valve which is responsible for transporting water to the water dispenser or icemaker.

  • Secondly

    The second thing we will most likely do in this situation of puddles under your fridge and your kitchen is to check the positioning of your refrigerator. The repairman will level your fridge; you should know water drains into the pan under the fridge where it evaporates if your refrigerator is not properly leveled or badly tilted the water can spill out of the pan and form a puddle of water under the fridge and on your kitchen floor.

  • Thirdly

    The third thing we will do when handling this puddle situation is to clear the drain tube because the drain tube transports water from around the refrigerator and when it gets clogged water will leak into the refrigerator compartment and form a puddle on the floor. To solve this, the cover panel is removed first by first unscrewing the floor panel.

A hairdryer is used to melt any ice that’s built upon the drain tube and sop the meltwater away from most likely with a sponge and clean up the drain hole and blow some air through the drain tube to clear it off any blockage. The drainpipe now will work as good as new. we are the best company in Glendale.

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Fixing Your Washers

What do you do when you’re ready for laundry on a bright Saturday morning, and you discover your washer has stopped working for whatever reason? When a washer breaks down, there are several symptoms associated with it, and that’s what we, as an appliance repair company, Glendale look at before trying to fix up the issue. Some of the symptoms and the process of repairing washers includes:

  • Washers makes no sound and doesn’t work:

    Your washer is supposed to have this whirring when you turn it on if you switch it on and it doesn’t work or make that sound it is probably broken and needs to be fixed. What do we do when faced with such a situation? The first thing we do is to check if the washer has been plugged in correctly, check told the circuit breaker or fuse box is burnt due to electrical discharge.

    Next thing we do is check the outlet if it carries electrical current at all, if that is positive the repairman will check if the water supply valves are turned on and also test the washer for overheating. The repairman will also inspect the water pump, test the lid switch of the washer, test the washer level switch and also test if the centrifugal switch is working (the whirring you hear is generated from there), and also test the motor.

  • Water drains out when washing

    It can be a very uncomfortable experience when you’re washing, and water keeps draining out of the machine and forming a puddle on the ground. To fix this, our repairman will check on the drain control lever to see if it still works, check the cam bar, test the timer control and test the drain control coils if any of them or all of them seem to have any fault, they’re either fixed or replaced.

  • Drum refuses to spin

    If your washer drum refuses to spin your washer is probably not working. When you call in a repair company like us to help fix the issue the processes, our repairman goes through to fix the issues include testing the timer control to see if it works, inspect the drive belt, inspect the motor coupler, test the centrifugal switch, inspect the drive belt and test the motor.

    All these tests help the repairman pinpoints the source of the issue, and he will either fix the problem if it can be fixed or replace them if need be.

  • Water is not entering into the tub at all

    If water refuses to enter your tub then it will be hard to get your clothes washed, you wouldn’t even get your clothes washed if water doesn’t get into the tub.

    What our repairman does to fix such appliance issues includes checking the filter screens of the washer, inspect the water supply hoses, check if the water supply valves are turned in, test the timer control, test the switch that controls water level in the tub, and also test the temperature speed to see if it works.

    When the fault is identified, the parts are quickly replaced so you can get back to your normal easy and simple life. For the solutions to your problems, we are here in Glendale.

  • The washer isn’t working but making some noise

    It is even more frustrating when you put on your washer, but it isn’t working, and you hear that annoying sound. Don’t tear your hair out just yet, call your favorite repair company and we’ll know what to do about it.

    What our repairman will do in this situation includes testing the appliance for overheating, test the motor, inspect the water pump, inspect the filter screen to see if the fault is from there and also test the water inlet valve to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

How we fix your dryers

A bad clothes dryer will surely devastate your weekend chores routine and make your weekend a little too frustrating and tiring. Your clothes dryer should be one of the most used appliances in your home, next to the washer and also one of the highest power guzzlers in your home. Some of the common issues you can face with your dryer can be solved by calling in your repair company, and it will get fixed in no time.

But you might be interested in knowing the processes needed in fixing these issues, and that’s what we will be talking about in this section.

Some of the issues with clothes dryers and how to repair them includes:

  • Clothes feel warm but don’t fully dry

    Let’s say you put your clothes in the dryer and you go into your kitchen to get a bite hoping to come back to a fully dried cloth, only to open your dryer up and discover the clothes are dry, but they’re very warm. This is very frustrating, what can be done to fix this issue.

    The major cause of this issue can be either a broken heating element because If a heating element of the dryer gets faulty it won’t get hot enough to dry your clothes but it will still spin properly. And no you didn’t do anything wrong just that over time the heating parts of the appliance can wear out.

    The fastest way to fix this issue is to get a new replacement for any heating element that’s worn-out. As a repair company in Glendale, we will search for your dryer model number and replace it with the exact same part.

  • The drum spins but the dryer don’t produce any heat

    You put in your clothes, and they start spinning immediately, but you notice the dryer doesn’t even produce hear needed to dry your clothes.

    The most common cause of this problem is a blown thermal fuse. Sometimes a blown thermal fuse will stop the dryer from functioning. This fuse which is put in the dryer to prevent fire outbreaks can just wear out on their own. The job of the thermal fuse is to break when the temperature is higher than it should be.

    To fix this problem, our repairman will probably first locate the burnt fuse which is normally placed near the exhaust duct. Disconnect the power and remove the back panel, remove the screw, and replace it with a new fuse that matches the specifications if your dryer. The repairman will know your dryer model and provide an adequate replacement.

  • The drum is not spinning at all

    If the dryer is getting got, but the drummer isn’t spinning at all, your clothes will not really get dry. Let’s say you start your dryer and you hear the humming sound from the motor, but the drum fails to turn, then you’ve got a dryer problem on your wet hands, but this problem can also be fixed easily if your appliance repair company is experienced enough to handle such issues.

    The major cause of this problem is that the belt that the drum is worn out. If your repairman comes to check your dryer for this problem, his first step is to check the belt. we provide the fastest service in Glendale.

    To fix this issue, our representative will start by unplugging the dryer from the power and removing the panel at the back and check the old belt for wear. Before he does that examination, he will have to remove it first. Then he will have to replace the belt with a new one. Replacement of parts should be the fastest and only way to solve this problem; you can’t fix a worn-out belt.

Home appliances are like our lifesavers, and getting them in good health at all times saves us a lot of stress and frustration. Knowing the processes involved in fixing home appliances problem is surely a good way to have an understanding of how your appliance work and how you can better take care of your lovely house appliances.

So, do you need help with your appliance repair? Feel free to call us on 818-541-9706. Plus, we are located in Glendale, CA 91020.

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