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If you have dealt long with kitchen appliances, then you know that sometimes they have a tendency to break down. This is also true for your home trash compactor. This is a very useful appliance in your home, so it can be quite an inconvenience if it is not working properly. There are several situations where the trash compactor is not working properly, and we at everyday appliance repair are familiar with all of the issues that can occur and the problems that can result. Here are the following issues that may occur and the possible reasons for them:

1. Trash Compactor Will Not Start.

There are a number of things that could be causing your trash compactor not to start. First of all, the trash compactor could have a faulty start switch, which can cause the trash compactor to hum. One of our experienced technicians will test the switch with an OHM meter or continuity checker. It might also be a bad safety switch. Once again, the status of the safety switch can be checked by an OHM meter or continuity checker. Of course, another possibility would be that the door switch is bad. Make sure to check all the other related parts before replacing the motor, but if it looks burned out or physically damaged it will need to be replaced.

2. Trash Compactor is Making a Loud Noise

Sometimes your trash compactor may exhibit a loud noise. If this is the case then some possibilities might include the trunnion nut inside the ram drive being defective. One of our technicians will check for it by disassembling it and taking apart the ram drive. Other possible culprits could include a faulty drive gear, drive chain, gearbox or drive motor.

3. The Trash Compactor Will Not Stop

Another common problem you might have with your trash compactor would be where it does not stop. One reason for this to happen would be a directional switch that is going bad. This switch makes contact with the compacting ram to get the motor to stop. However, if the switch fails the motor will continue to run even after the ram gets to the top. Other possibilities include the start switch sticking or the drive having a centrifugal switch that is sticking as well.

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