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Often times when we think about ice machines, we think about making a cold drink. For many people, an ice machine is something that you can live with or live without. That’s because they’ve never been in a situation where their little daughter runs into the house crying because her older brother put gum in her hair. In this situation, having an ice machine being able to make ice and freezing the gum and easily remove it from your daughter’s hair, makes having this machine a necessity.

Or you could think of something as simple as a washer, and a dryer. For many people these are appliances that are to be used maybe once or twice a week. But think about it that young man who is going on his first date with the girl from school who he thought would never talk to him. He gets dressed for that date four hours early. Then the house dog runs in any gets mud all over the outfit he took hours to pick out. Now this washer and dryer goes from being ordinary to extraordinary.

The same principle can apply to a whole host of appliances in the house. Having a dishwasher not one of life’s necessities until it breaks down one hour before a big dinner party. The same thing can be said for an oven double ovens, or stove ranges. Every single one of these in their time go from being a simplistic device that is used routinely, to being something that makes the difference between having a successful day and utter failure.

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